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(Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Do I need to be present on my housing cleaning date? Answer – No you don’t. Many customers chose not to be home. A key for the locations must be provided in a secure location.
  • Do I need to do anything prior to Middleton Cleaning and Maintenance Services arrival? Answer - Any organization of furniture, toys or clothes would be helpful. This would provide the cleaning team much help as they can focus more on completing cleaning and sanitizing.
  • How many people will be cleaning my home? Answer – Most homes require 1 team member, occasionally there will be a team of two members based on the complexity of job.
  • Do I need to provide cleaning products? Answer – No. We will arrive with all the necessary equipment and supplies. If you want a special cleaning solution use (ex., a special wood floor cleaner) you may provide it. All MCS supplies and solutions are professional strength and chosen for their effectiveneWhen will my next cleaning occur? Answer – If you would like to schedule additional appointments, please contact MCS and we will schedule your next appointment and or ongoing services. We can also send you reminder dates if requested.

  • Do I need to leave a tip? No. You can if you would like to do so.
  • Are their contracts for your services? No

  • What is your flexibility? provide flexible cleaning services that fit our client’s schedule. We will customize our cleaning schedule to fit your work environment; our commercial cleaning won’t hold you back from completing your work. With our cleaning you will be able to complete even more work! No more worrying about the carpets or taking out the trash.

  • When will MCS arrive? Due to our busy cleaning schedule, we normally provide an estimate time of arrival to our clients, but due to our detailed cleaning of all our customer’s properties we will contact our clients approximately 30 minutes before arrival time.