Cleaning policy 

Middletons Cleaning and Maintenance Services is to ensure that your family will always have the best cleaning options available. We focus on meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients, not just sweeping through a home in order to meet a cleaning quota.

Initial Cleaning

During the first cleaning of a home, we perform a “deep cleaning” which requires an initial fee. Subsequent cleaning prices are based on frequency of our cleaning services and, therefore, are lower than the initial cleaning fee. 

Cleaning Supplies

Middletons Cleaning and Maintenance Services provides all cleaning products and equipment necessary to complete a cleaning service with the exception of wood/laminate floor cleaners. If you have preferred cleaning products or equipment you would like used in your home, please bring this to our attention prior to the scheduled cleaning service.

Arrival Times

We understand your time is valuable, therefore, we provide a time frame in which our cleaning service professionals will arrive. Middletons Cleaning and Maintenance Services strives to arrive to scheduled cleanings in a timely manner; however, each home gets the attention it deserves and not a pre-determined amount of time. If needed, we can give you a 30 minute call prior to arriving to your home. *Please note that times are not guaranteed*.


As a courtesy we confirm all of our appointments 1 – 2 days in advance. Unfortunately, due to the amount of last minute cancellations and schedule changes, it has become necessary for us to require a minimum of 48 hours notice for any cleaning service cancellation or change. We are aware that things happens and sometimes less than 24 hours notice is unavoidable. However, if it appears that less than 24 hours is given on a recurring basis, we will have no choice but to charge a $20 cancellation fee. Additionally, if a cleaning team is dispatched and is unable to service your home, a $20 trip charge will be assessed. This is a minimal fee that is in place to cover employee wages as well as loss of income that occurs when there is a last minute cancellation. We often have to turn away clients due to confirmed appointments that later cancel. The 24 hour notice will allow us the opportunity to schedule accordingly.

Pet Policy

At Middletons Cleaning and Maintenance Services we love pets, but we kindly ask that on the day of your appointment you secure your pet in a room that the cleaning team will not be entering. It is very important to us that you secure your pet as pets may inadvertently try to run out while the crew is entering or exiting the home.

Theft Policy

Middletons Cleaning and Maintenance Services is insured and bonded and we pride ourselves in hiring the best qualified individuals with integrity. Before we allow any individuals in your home, a background check is conducted and approved. In addition, should any concerns arise regarding missing items from a home, it must be brought to our attention immediately and we will respond accordingly.